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  • Import of your dream car
  • German TÜV conversion
  • Evaluation of your vehicle
  • Value appraisals
  • Selling your classic car

About us

Andreas Henke

Hello dear US Car friends, I, Andreas Henke have been fascinated by classic American cars since the 70s. Already as a child it was clear to me that I would buy an American dream car sometime “for sure”. This profound wish has given me the necessary motivation to realize my dream. Thanks to my green card and my three-year stay in the USA, I was able to build up a network in the American classic car scene. Our vehicles are personally inspected and appraised by me on site. Through friends in the USA it is possible for us to find vehicles which are very unique and in excellent condition. Nevertheless, we offer the vehicles at a fair market price.

Fairplay is very important to me – Welcome to Henke-Classics

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Henke Classics
Andreas Henke
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Henke Classics